Sedimentology of core PS2564-3 and GeoB2110-4, supplement to: Diekmann, Bernhard; Kuhn, Gerhard; Mackensen, Andreas; Petschick, Rainer; Fütterer, Dieter K; Gersonde, Rainer; Rühlemann, Carsten; Niebler, Hans-Stefan (1999): Kaolinite and Chlorite as Tracers of Modern and Late Quaternary Deep Water Circulation in the South Atlantic and the Adjoining Southern Ocean. In: Fischer, G & Wefer, G (eds.), Use of Proxies in Paleoceanography - Examples from the South Atlantic, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 285-313

Bernhard Diekmann, Gerhard Kuhn, Andreas Mackensen, Rainer Petschick, Dieter K Fütterer, Rainer Gersonde, Carsten Rühlemann & Hans-Stefan Niebler
In the South Atlantic and adjoining Southern Ocean the kaolinite/chlorite-ratio in Late Quaternary sediments are an alternative deep water proxy to benthic foraminiferal proxies and carbonate preservation indices that is even suitable in regions with poor carbonate preservation. This paper shows the relationship between modern abyssal circulation and the kaolinite/chloriteratio and presents reconstructions of deep and bottom water advection based on the kaolinite/ chlorite proxy. We also discuss the limitations and future perspectives of the...
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