Living benthic foraminifers from the central Arctic Ocean, supplement to: Wollenburg, Jutta E; Mackensen, Andreas (1998): Living benthic foraminifers from the central Arctic Ocean: faunal composition, standing stock and diversity. Marine Micropaleontology, 34(3-4), 153-185

Jutta E Wollenburg & Andreas Mackensen
Fifty short sediment cores collected with a multiple corer and five box cores from the central Arctic Ocean were analysed to study the ecology and distribution of benthic foraminifers. To work out living faunal associations, standing stock and diversity, separate analyses of living (Rose Bengal stained) and dead foraminifers were carried out for the sediment surface. The size fractions between 63 and 125 µm and >125 µm were counted separately to allow comparison with former...
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