Bacteria and organic carbon content from the deep Artic basins, supplement to: Kröncke, Ingrid; Tan, Tjhing Lok; Stein, Ruediger (1994): High benthic bacteria standing stock in deep Arctic basins. Polar Biology, 14(6), 423-428

Ingrid Kröncke, Tjhing Lok Tan & Ruediger Stein
During the Arctic Expedition ARK 8/3 (August to October 1991) with RV Polarstern sediment samples from 13 staions with water depths of between 258 and 4,427 m were taken along a transect from the Barents Sea slope across the deep Arctic Eurasian Basins and the Gakkel Ridge to the Lomonosov Ridge to determine bacterial biomasses and organic carbon contents. Bacterial abundance dropped along the transect from 3.03 to 0.63*10**8 cells/cm**3, and correspondingly bacterial biomass decreased...
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