Carbon isotopic record of CO2 from the Holocene of the Dome C ice core, supplement to: Elsig, Joachim; Schmitt, Jochen; Leuenberger, Daiana; Schneider, Robert; Eyer, Marc; Leuenberger, Markus C; Joos, Fortunat; Fischer, Hubertus; Stocker, Thomas F (2009): Stable isotope constraints on Holocene carbon cycle changes from an Antarctic ice core. Nature, 461, 507-510

Joachim Elsig, Jochen Schmitt, Daiana Leuenberger, Robert Schneider, Marc Eyer, Markus C Leuenberger, Fortunat Joos, Hubertus Fischer & Thomas F Stocker
Reconstructions of atmospheric CO2 concentrations based on Antarctic ice cores reveal significant changes during the Holocene epoch, but the processes responsible for these changes in CO2 concentrations have not been unambiguously identified. Distinct characteristics in the carbon isotope signatures of the major carbon reservoirs (ocean, biosphere, sediments and atmosphere) constrain variations in the CO2 fluxes between those reservoirs. Here we present a highly resolved atmospheric d13C record for the past 11,000 years from measurements on...
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