Pollen record and dating of a sediment profile from Lake Voulkaria, Greece, supplement to: Jahns, Susanne (2005): The Holocene history of vegetation and settlement at the coastal site of Lake Voulkaria in Acarnania, western Greece. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 14, 55-66

Susanne Jahns
A palynological investigation of a Holocene profile from Lake Voulkaria, western Greece, was carried out as a contribution to the environmental history of the coastal area of northwestern Acarnania and the Classical city of Palairos. It shows that deciduous oaks dominated the natural vegetation of the area throughout the Holocene. Until ca. 7000 B.C. Pistacia occurred abundantly, while other evergreen woody taxa were rare. At ca. 6300 B.C. an expansion of Carpinus orientalis/Ostrya can be...
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