Pollen records and datings of five sediment profiles from Oder valley in Germany, supplement to: Jahns, Susanne (2000): Late-glacial and Holocene woodland dynamics and land-use history of the Lower Oder valley, north-eastern germany, based on two, AMS 14C-dated, pollen profiles. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 9(2), 111-123

Susanne Jahns
High-resolution Holocene pollen profiles from lakes Großer Krebssee and Felchowsee, in the Lower Oder valley, north-eastern Germany, are presented. The Großer Krebssee profile includes a Late-glacial sequence. These investigations have been carried out in the context of a programme of archaeological excavation. AMS radiocarbon dates (26 in all) based on pollen concentrates have been used to provide a chronology for the pollen records. Holocene forest history and human impact are reconstructed for contrasting landscapes, namely,...
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