Composition of sediments from the Arabian Sea, supplement to: Sirocko, Frank; Garbe-Schönberg, Carl-Dieter; Devey, Colin W (2000): Processes controlling trace element geochemistry of Arabian Sea sediments during the last 25,000 years. Global and Planetary Change, 26(1-3), 217-303

Frank Sirocko, Carl-Dieter Garbe-Schönberg & Colin W Devey
Thirty seven deep-sea sediment cores from the Arabian Sea were studied geochemically (49 major and trace elements) for four time slices during the Holocene and the last glacial, and in one high sedimentation rate core (century scale resolution) to detect tracers of past variations in the intensity of the atmospheric monsoon circulation and its hydrographic expression in the ocean surface.This geochemical multi-tracer approach, coupled with additional information on the grain size composition of the clastic...
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