Weichselian stratigraphy of sediments from the lower Pechora River, supplement to: Henriksen, Mona; Mangerud, Jan; Maslenikova, Olga; Matiouchkov, Alexei; Tveranger, Jan (2001): Weichselian stratigraphy and glaciotectonic deformation along the lower Pechora River, Arctic Russia. Global and Planetary Change, QUEEN special issue, 31(1), 297-319 pp

Mona Henriksen, Jan Mangerud, Olga Maslenikova, Alexei Matiouchkov & Jan Tveranger
A large section near the village of Hongurei on the Pechora River, ca. 100 km inland from the Barents Sea coast, reveals the following stratigraphic record of the last glaciation: The lowest units are lacustrine silt overlain by fluvial sand. These two units are repeated by glaciotectonic upthrusting from the NW. On top of this stacked succession is a till where fabric measurements reflect ice movement from the NE. Above the till is a partly...
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