(Table 1) Luminescence datings from Varchushka and Pyoza rivers, Russia, supplement to: Houmark-Nielsen, Michael; Demidov, Igor; Funder, Svend; Grøsfjeld, Kari; Kjær, Kurt Henrik; Larsen, Eiliv; Lavrova, Nadya; Lyså, Astrid; Nielsen, Jan K (2001): Early and Middle Valdaian glaciations, ice-dammed lakes and periglacial interstadials in northwest Russia: new evidence from the Pyoza River area. Global and Planetary Change, 31(1-4), 215-237

Michael Houmark-Nielsen, Igor Demidov, Svend Funder, Kari Grøsfjeld, Kurt Henrik Kjær, Eiliv Larsen, Nadya Lavrova, Astrid Lyså & Jan K Nielsen
The Pyoza River area in the Arkhangelsk district exposes sedimentary sequences suitable for study of the interaction between consecutive Valdaian ice sheets in Northern Russia. Lithostratigraphic investigations combined with luminescence dating have revealed new evidence on the Late Pleistocene history of the area. Overlying glacigenic deposits of the Moscowian (Saalian) glaciation marine deposits previously confined to three separate transgression phases have all been connected to the Mikulinian (Eemian) interglacial. Early Valdaian (E. Weichselian) proglacial, lacustrine...
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