(Table 1) Age determination of Cape Shpindler, Yugorski Peninsula, northwest Russia, supplement to: Manley, William F; Lokrantz, Hanna; Gataullin, Valery; Ingólfsson, Ólafur; Forman, Steven L; Andersson, Torbjörn (2001): Late Quaternary stratigraphy, radiocarbon chronology, and glacial history at Cape Shpindler, southern Kara Sea, Arctic Russia. Global and Planetary Change, 31(1-4), 239-254

William F Manley, Hanna Lokrantz, Valery Gataullin, Ólafur Ingólfsson, Steven L Forman & Torbjörn Andersson
Depositional environments, stratigraphic relations, and 35 new AMS 14C dates at Cape Shpindler, Yugorski Peninsula, help constrain the late Pleistocene glacial and environmental history of the southern Kara Sea region. Fifteen- to fifty-meter-high coastal exposures reveal a complex package of shallow marine, fluvial, glacial, and postglacial deposits, and are documented here in a 19-km-long cross-section and eight vertical sections. The shallow marine (Unit A), estuarine or prodeltaic (Unit B), and fluvio-deltaic (Unit C) deposits contain...
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