(Table 1) Plant macrofossils from Cape Sabler, supplement to: Kienast, Frank; Siegert, Christine; Dereviagin, Alexander Yu; Mai, Dieter Hans (2001): Climatic implications of Late Quaternary plant macrofossil assemblages from the Taymyr Peninsula, Siberia. Global and Planetary Change, 31(1-4), 265-281

Frank Kienast, Christine Siegert, Alexander Yu Dereviagin & Dieter Hans Mai
Plant macrofossil investigations were carried out on Late-Quaternary deposits at Cape Sabler (NW shore of Lake Taymyr, Siberia). Four dated samples (three Late Pleistocene, one Holocene) rich in plant macrofossils were analysed with respect to their floristic composition. The flora of the Holocene sample is similar to the recent plant cover in the study area and is mainly characterized by subarctic and high arctic dwarf-shrubs and hydrophytes. The Pleistocene samples, radiocarbon dated to ca. 30,...
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