Age determination of sediment cores from the Laptev Sea, supplement to: Bauch, Henning A; Müller-Lupp, Thomas; Taldenkova, Ekaterina; Spielhagen, Robert F; Kassens, Heidemarie; Grootes, Pieter Meiert; Thiede, Jörn; Heinemeier, Jan; Petryashov, Victor (2001): Chronology of the Holocene transgression at the north Siberian margin. Global and Planetary Change, 31(1-4), 125-140

Henning A Bauch, Thomas Müller-Lupp, Ekaterina Taldenkova, Robert F Spielhagen, Heidemarie Kassens, Pieter Meiert Grootes, Jörn Thiede, Jan Heinemeier & Victor Petryashov
To establish a chronology of the Holocene transgression in Arctic Siberia, a total of 14 sediment cores from the Laptev Sea continental slope and shelf were studied covering the water depth range between 983 and 21 m. The age models of the cores were derived from 119 radiocarbon datings, which were all analyzed on marine biogenic calcite (mainly bivalve shells). The oldest shell sample was found at the slope and dates back to about 15.3...
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