(Table 2) Age determination of sediments from lake basins near Polyarny, Russia, supplement to: Corner, Geoffrey D; Kolka, Vasili V; Yevzerov, Vladimir Y; Møller, Jakob J (2001): Postglacial relative sea-level change and stratigraphy of raised coastal basins on Kola Peninsula, northwest Russia. Global and Planetary Change, 31(1-4), 155-177

Geoffrey D Corner, Vasili V Kolka, Vladimir Y Yevzerov & Jakob J Møller
A relative sea-level curve for the Holocene is constructed for Polyarny on the Kola Peninsula, northwest Russia. The curve is based on 18 radiocarbon dates of isolation contacts, identified from lithological and diatomological criteria, in nine lake basins situated between 12 and 57 m a.s.l. Most of the lakes show a conformable, regressive I–II–III (marine–transitional–freshwater) facies succession, indicating a postglacial history comprising an early (10,000–9000 radiocarbon years BP) phase of rapid, glacio-isostatically induced emergence (~5...
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