Figure 2: IP25 measurements and accumulation rates of sediment core PS2837-5, supplement to: Müller, Juliane; Massé, Guillaume; Stein, Ruediger; Belt, Simon T (2009): Variability of sea-ice conditions in the Fram Strait over the past 30,000 years. Nature Geoscience, 2, 772-227

Juliane Müller, Guillaume Massé, Ruediger Stein & Simon T Belt
Sea ice is a critical component of the climate system: variations in sea-ice cover affect the albedo of polar regions, and also the rate of deepwater formation. Changes in the sea-ice cover of the North Atlantic Ocean are thought to have been related to abrupt climate changes throughout the last glacial termination, but reconstructions of sea-ice conditions are rare. Here we use the sedimentary abundance of the IP25 and brassicasterol biomarkers, produced by sea-ice-associated diatoms...
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