High-resolution organic-geochemical and sedimentological data of sediment core PS2837-5, supplement to: Birgel, Daniel; Hass, H Christian (2004): Oceanic and atmospheric variations during the last deglaciation in the Fram Strait (Arctic Ocean): a coupled high-resolution organic-geochemical and sedimentological study. Quaternary Science Reviews, 23(1-2), 29-47

Daniel Birgel & H Christian Hass
From a high sedimentation rate core, obtained from the Yermak slope (Arctic Ocean), we deduced short-term climatic fluctuations of the last deglaciation lasting from 17,000 to 9,000 years BP. By using a coupled organic-geochemical and sedimentological approach, we reconstructed near-bottom current conditions and assessed their significance in relation with comparable global thermohaline circulation patterns and surface water conditions. Highest concentrations and fluctuations of specific marine phytoplankton biomarkers were obtained in the Bølling-Allerød, when the major...
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