Pollen and macroremains from three sediment cores from Göttingen, Germany, supplement to: Grüger, Eberhard; Jordan, Heinz; Meischner, Dieter; Schlie, Peter (1994): Mittelpleistozäne Warmzeiten in Göttingen, Bohrungen Ottostrasse und Akazienweg (Middle Pleistocene warm phases in Göttingen, boreholes at Ottostrasse and Akazienweg). Geologisches Jahrbuch, Reihe A, 134, 167-210

Eberhard Grüger, Heinz Jordan, Dieter Meischner & Peter Schlie
In a borehole in the southern outskirts of the town of Göttingen, limnic sediments of several Pleistocene warm periods occur intercalated with coarse solifluction debris and gravel of the river Leine.Pollen analysis of the limnic sediments in a borehole at Ottostrasse gave evidence of three warm periods of interglacial character, followed by three interstadial phases. The warm phases are separated one from another by stadial phases with, at least in one case, indications of periglacial...
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