Microfossil abundances and stable isotope composition of foraminifera from DSDP Hole 90-594 off southeastern New Zealand, supplement to: Nelson, Campbell S; Cooke, Penepole J; Hendy, Chris H; Cuthbertson, Alison M (1993): Oceanographic and climatic changes over the past 160,000 years at Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 594 off southwestern New Zealand, southwest Pacific Ocean. Paleoceanography, 8(4), 435-458

Campbell S Nelson, Penepole J Cooke, Chris H Hendy & Alison M Cuthbertson
High-resolution textural, carbonate, microfossil, and oxygen (delta18O) and carbon (delta13C) stable isotopic analyses are presented for the late Quaternary (isotopic stages 1 to 6) interval of a core at Deep Sea Drilling Project site 594, situated just south of the present Subtropical Convergence in northernmost Subantarctic surface waters on the southern flank of Chatham Rise in the southwest Pacific. Downcore alternations of pelagic and hemipelagic oozes correspond to interglacial and glacial episodes, respectively. Interglacial oozes...
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