Seawater carbonate chemistry and calcification during experiments with a coral Madracis auretenra, 2010, supplement to: Jury, Christopher P; Whitehead, Robert F; Szmant, A M (2010): Effects of variations in carbonate chemistry on the calcification rates of Madracis auretenra (= Madracis mirabilis sensu Wells, 1973): bicarbonate concentrations best predict calcification rates. Global Change Biology, 16(5), 1632-1644

Christopher P Jury, Robert F Whitehead & A M Szmant
Physiological data and models of coral calcification indicate that corals utilize a combination of seawater bicarbonate and (mainly) respiratory CO2 for calcification, not seawater carbonate. However, a number of investigators are attributing observed negative effects of experimental seawater acidification by CO2 or hydrochloric acid additions to a reduction in seawater carbonate ion concentration and thus aragonite saturation state. Thus, there is a discrepancy between the physiological and geochemical views of coral biomineralization. Furthermore, not all...
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