Early Cretaceous dinoflagellate cycsts from ODP Hole 123-765C, supplement to: Helby, R; McMinn, Andrew (1992): A preliminary report of early Cretaceous dinocyst floras from Site 765, Argo Abyssal Plain, Northwest Australia. In: Gradstein, FM; Ludden, JN; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 123, 407-420

R Helby & Andrew McMinn
Results of a preliminary study of Early Cretaceous dinocyst assemblages from Site 765 on the Argo Abyssal Plain, off northwestern Australia, are presented. The palynological sequence is interpreted in terms of Australian zones and is, in descending order, the late Aptian Diconodinium davidii Zone (Cores 123-765C-33R to -39R), the middle to early Aptian Odontochitina operculata Zone (Cores 123-765C-40R to -49R), the Barremian Muderongia australis Zone (Cores 123-765C-50R to -54R), and the Berriasian lower Batioladinium reticulatum...
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