Pliocene-Pleistocene alkenone, nitrogen and opal record of ODP Site 175-1082, supplement to: Etourneau, Johan; Martinez, Philippe; Blanz, Thomas; Schneider, Ralph R (2009): Pliocene–Pleistocene variability of upwelling activity, productivity, and nutrient cycling in the Benguela region. Geology, 37(10), 871-874

Johan Etourneau, Philippe Martinez, Thomas Blanz & Ralph R Schneider
In this study we present combined high-resolution records of sea surface temperature (SST), phytoplankton productivity, and nutrient cycling in the Benguela Upwelling System (BUS) for the past 3.5 Ma. The SST record provided evidence that upwelling activity off Namibia mainly intensified ca. 2.4-2.0 Ma ago in response to the cooling of the Southern Ocean and the resultant strengthening of trade winds. As revealed by productivity-related proxies, BUS intensification led to a major transition in regional...
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