Isotopic composition and physical oceanography of water profiles from Greenland, supplement to: Israelson, C; Buchardt, B (1999): Strontium and oxygen isotope composition of East Greenland rivers and surface waters: Implication for palaeoenvironmental interpretation. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 153(1-4), 93-104

C Israelson & B Buchardt
Isotopic composition of strontium and oxygen and strontium concentrations from 4 hydrographic sites in Scoresby Sund Fjord and 6 rivers draining the adjacent Jameson Land have been investigated. Schuchert Flod, the major river on Jameson Land, erodes a large celestite (SrSO4) deposit. Dissolved Sr in Schuchert Flod has 87Sr/86Sr = 0.7137 and is responsible for most of the continental Sr flux to the fjord. The Sr isotope data have been used to construct a mixing...
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