Pollen and macroremains from sediment core Aschenhütte, supplement to: Ricken, Werner; Grüger, Eberhard (1988): Vegetationsentwicklung, Paläoböden, Seespiegelschwankungen: Untersuchungen an eem- und weichselzeitlichen Sedimenten vom Südrand des Harzes (Vegetational development, paleosoils and lake level changes: studies on Eemian and Weichselian sediments from the southern borders of the Harz Mountains). Eiszeitalter und Gegenwart, 38(1), 37-51

Werner Ricken & Eberhard Grüger
The Upper Pleistocene sediments of the Aschenhütte sink-hole (west of Herzberg am Harz, Lower Saxony) enable one to make interesting correlations between palynological and geological results. The sequence is composed of limnic-telmatic deposits (Eemain to Lower Weichselian) and loess with paleosoils (Weichselian). Sedimentation started during the hornbeam-dominated phase of the Eemian interglacial period and continued throughout the Eemian, the Weichselian Brörup interstadial (sensu Andersen) and parts of the preceding and the following stadial phases, the...
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