Pollen record from Kleiner Mochowsee, Germany, supplement to: Jahns, Susanne (1999): Ein holozänes Pollendiagramm vom Kleinen Mochowsee. nördliche Niederlausitz. Gleditischia, 27, 45-56

Susanne Jahns
A Holocene pollen diagram from Kleiner Mochowsee (northern Niederlausitz, East Germany) shows pine as an important constituent of the woodland south of the Schwielochsee. Oak woodland was widespread since the Atlantic. Betula lost its importance at the end of the Preboreal. Fagus is represented continuously in the pollen record since the Atlantic, Carpinus since the Subboreal. However, the two latter tree species remain without great importance throughout the whole pollen record. The poor sandy soils...
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