Automated Tools for Layer Recognition (BMPix) and Counting (PEAK), supplement to: Weber, Michael E; Reichelt, Lucia; Kuhn, Gerhard; Pfeiffer, Miriam; Korff, Björn; Thurow, Juergen W; Ricken, Werner (2010): BMPix and PEAK tools: New methods for automated laminae recognition and counting-Application to glacial varves from Antarctic marine sediment. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 11(3), Q0AA05

Michael E Weber, Lucia Reichelt, Gerhard Kuhn, Miriam Pfeiffer, Björn Korff, Juergen W Thurow & Werner Ricken
We present tools for rapid and quantitative detection of sediment lamination. The BMPix tool extracts color and gray-scale curves from images at pixel resolution. The PEAK tool uses the gray-scale curve and performs, for the first time, fully automated counting of laminae based on three methods. The maximum count algorithm counts every bright peak of a couplet of two laminae (annual resolution) in a smoothed curve. The zero-crossing algorithm counts every positive and negative halfway-passage...
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