Sedimentology and planktonioc foraminifera of core SU90-08, supplement to: Grousset, Francis E; Labeyrie, Laurent D; Sinko, J A; Cremer, Michel; Bond, Gerard C; Duprat, Josette M; Cortijo, Elsa; Huon, Sylvain (1993): Patterns of ice-rafted detritus in the glacial North Atlantic. Paleoceanography, 8(2), 175-192

Francis E Grousset, Laurent D Labeyrie, J A Sinko, Michel Cremer, Gerard C Bond, Josette M Duprat, Elsa Cortijo & Sylvain Huon
The observation by Heinrich (1988) that, during the last glacial period, much of the input of ice-rafted detritus to the North Atlantic sediments may have occurred as a succession of catastrophic events, rekindled interest on the history of the northern ice sheets over the last glacial period. In this paper, we present a rapid method to study the distribution of these events (both in space and time) using whole core low-field magnetic susceptibility. We report...
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