Carbonate and Aluminium accumulation in the central equatorial Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Murray, Richard W; Leinen, Margaret W; Isern, Alexandra R (1993): Biogenic flux of Al to sediment in the central Pacific Ocean: evidence for increased productivity during glacial periods. Paleoceanography, 8(5), 651-670

Richard W Murray, Margaret W Leinen & Alexandra R Isern
We examined the flux of Al to sediment accumulating beneath the zone of elevated productivity in the central equatorial Pacific Ocean, along a surface sediment transect at 135°W as well as downcore for a 650 kyr record at 1.3°N, 133.6°W. Across the surface transect, a pronounced, broadly equatorially symmetric increase in Al accumulation is observed, relative to Ti, with Al/Ti ratios reaching values 3-4 times that of potential detrital sources. The profile parallels biogenic accumulation...
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