Stable isotope record of foraminifera from ODP Hole 114-704A, supplement to: Hodell, David A (1993): Late Pleistocene paleoceanography of the South Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean: Ocean Drilling Program Hole 704A. Paleoceanography, 8(1), 47-67

David A Hodell
Isotopic and sedimentologic data from Ocean Drilling Program hole 704A suggest that isotopic stages 7, 9, and 11 were marked by unusually strong interglacial conditions in surface waters of the southern ocean. During interglacial stages 9 and 11, warm surface waters penetrated far poleward and may have led to destabilization of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. In contrast, the strongest glacial conditions in surface waters of the subantarctic South Atlantic occurred during oxygen isotopic stage...
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