Organic carbon concentrations and Cd/Ca ratios of sediment core RC13-229, supplement to: Oppo, Delia W; Rosenthal, Yair (1994): Cd/Ca changes in a deep Cape Basin core over the past 730,000 years: Response of circumpolar deepwater variability to northern hemisphere ice sheet melting? Paleoceanography, 9(5), 661-676

Delia W Oppo & Yair Rosenthal
A comparison of cadmium/calcium (Cd/Ca) records of benthic foraminifera from a deep Cape Basin and a deep eastern equatorial Pacific core suggests that over the past 400,000 years, the nutrient concentration of Circumpolar Deep Water (CPDW) has always been lower than that of the deep Pacific. The data further suggest that at the 100,000- and 23,000-year orbital periods, the contribution of North Atlantic Deep Water to CPDW is at a maximum during periods of ice...
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