Sedimentology on Quaternary depoits from the Weddell Sea continental slope, supplement to: Bonn, Wolfgang J (1995): Biogenopal und biogenes Barium als Indikatoren für spätquartäre Produktivitätsänderungen am antarktischen Kontinentalhang, atlantischer Sektor (Biogenic opal and barium: Indicators for late Quarternary changes in productivity at the Antarctic continental margin, Atlantic Sector). Berichte zur Polarforschung = Reports on Polar Research, 180, 186 pp

Wolfgang J Bonn
Sedimentological, geochemical (in particular biogenic content) and physical properties from the Weddell, Lazarev and Cosmonaut seas along the Antarctic continental margin were analysed in order to reconstruct the late Quaternary productivity and sedimentary processes of this region. Seven undisturbed sediment cores were chosen. The sediments represent a depositional period from 400,000 years to the recent time.The late Quaternary climatic changes influence changes in the paleoenvironmental and the geological conditions, directly forced by the behaviour of...
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