Age models and sedimentation rates of sites in the tropical Atlantic, supplement to: Verardo, David J; McIntyre, Andrew (1994): Production and destruction: Control of biogenous sedimentation in the tropical Atlantic 0-300,000 years B.P. Paleoceanography, 9(1), 63-86

David J Verardo & Andrew McIntyre
Late Pleistocene signals of calcium carbonate, organic carbon, and opaline silica concentration and accumulation are documented in a series of cores from a zonal/meridional/depth transect in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean to reconstruct the regional sedimentary history. Spectral analysis reveals that maxima and minima in biogenous sedimentation occur with glacial-interglacial cyclicity as a function of both (1) primary production at the sea surface modulated by orbitally forced variation in trade wind zonality and (2) destruction at...
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