Age determination, foraminiferal abundance and stable isotope ratios of sediment core CH82-20, supplement to: Keigwin, Lloyd D; Lehmann, Scott J (1994): Deep circulation change linked to Heinrich event 1 and Younger Dryas in a middepth North Atlantic core. Paleoceanography, 9(2), 185-194

Lloyd D Keigwin & Scott J Lehmann
A core from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 43.5°N and ~3 km water depth shows distinct evidence of the deglacial events known as Heinrich event 1 (probably the marine equivalent of Oldest Dryas cooling in Europe) and the Younger Dryas. The Heinrich event, dated at three levels to between 14.3 and 15.0 ka, is marked by a minimum in foraminifera per gram, by maxima in rates of sedimentation, ice rafted debris per gram, and relative abundance...
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