Stable isotope ratios of foraminifera from various DSDP/ODP sites, supplement to: Zachos, James C; Stott, Lowell D; Lohmann, Kyger C (1994): Evolution of early Cenozoic marine temperatures. Paleoceanography, 9(2), 353-387

James C Zachos, Lowell D Stott & Kyger C Lohmann
The equator to high southern latitude sea surface and vertical temperature gradients are reconstructed from oxygen isotope values of planktonic and benthic foraminifers for the following five time intervals: late Paleocene, early Eocene, early middle Eocene, late Eocene, and early Oligocene. Paleotemperatures are calculated using standard oxygen isotope/temperature equations with adjustments to account for (1) variations in sea water delta18O related to changes in global ice volume over time and (2) latitudinal gradients in surface...
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