Miocene strontium isotope record of DSDP Hole 30-289, supplement to: Hodell, David A; Woodruff, Fay (1994): Variations in the strontium isotopic ratio of seawater during the Miocene: Stratigraphic and geochemical implications. Paleoceanography, 9(3), 405-426

David A Hodell & Fay Woodruff
A composite strontium isotopic seawater curve was constructed for the Miocene between 24 and 6 Ma by combining 87Sr/86Sr measurements of planktonic foraminifera from Deep Sea Drilling Project sites 289 and 588. Site 289, with its virtually continuous sedimentary record and high sedimentation rates (26 m/m.y.), was used for constructing the Oligocene to mid-Miocene part of the record, which included the calibration of 63 biostratigraphic datums to the Sr seawater curve using the timescale of...
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