Age determination of sediment cores from the Skagerrak, supplement to: Conradsen, Keld; Heier-Nielsen, Susanne (1995): Holocene paleoceanography and paleoenvironments of the Skagerrak-Kattegat, Scandinavia. Paleoceanography, 10(4), 801-814

Keld Conradsen & Susanne Heier-Nielsen
Paleoceanographic and paleoenvironmental interpretations based on foraminifera, sedimentary data, radiocarbon dates, and stable isotope measurements were derived from two sections in the Skagerrak: a 115-m-thick Holocene marine section drilled onshore at Skagen near the northernmost tip of Jutland, Denmark, and a 9-m piston core from the Skagerrak, north of Skagen. The foraminiferal data show that arctic-subarctic environments in the deep Skagerrak-Kattegat area were succeeded by boreal conditions at 9.6 ka. This was a result of...
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