Late Pleistocene oxygen isotope record of biognic silica, supplement to: Shemesh, Aldo; Burckle, Lloyd H; Hays, James D (1995): Late Pleistocene oxygen isotope records of biogenic silica from the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. Paleoceanography, 10(2), 179-196

Aldo Shemesh, Lloyd H Burckle & James D Hays
We determined the isotopic composition of oxygen in marine diatoms in eight deep-sea cores recovered from the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. The analytical reproducibility and core-to-core consistency of the isotopic signal suggests that diatom delta18O can be used as a new paleocenographic tool to reconstruct past variations in surface water characteristics and to generate 18O -isotope-based stratigraphy for the Southern Ocean. The data indicate that diatom delta18O reflects sea surface temperature and seawater...
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