Geochemistry of foraminifera from sediment cores of the central California margin, supplement to: van Geen, Alexander; Fairbanks, Richard G; Dartnell, Peter; McGann, Mary L; Gardner, James V; Kashgarian, Michaele (1996): Ventilation changes in the northeast Pacific during the last deglaciation. Paleoceanography, 11(5), 519-528

Alexander van Geen, Richard G Fairbanks, Peter Dartnell, Mary L McGann, James V Gardner & Michaele Kashgarian
Under present climate conditions, convection at high latitudes of the North Pacific is restricted to shallower depths than in the North Atlantic. To what extent this asymmetry between the two ocean basins was maintained over the past 20 kyr is poorly known because there are few unambiguous proxy records of ventilation from the North Pacific. We present new data for two sediment cores from the California margin at 800 and 1600 m depth to argue...
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