Foraminiferal abundance, carbonat concentration and dissolution index of sediment core W9903B-51GC, supplement to: LaMontagne, R W; Murray, Richard W; Wei, Kuo-Yen; Leinen, Margaret W; Wang, Chung-Ho (1996): Decoupling of carbonate preservation, carbonate concentration, and biogenic accumulation: A 400-kyr record from the central equatorial Pacific Ocean. Paleoceanography, 11(5), 553-562

R W LaMontagne, Richard W Murray, Kuo-Yen Wei, Margaret W Leinen & Chung-Ho Wang
In order to investigate the paleoceanographic record of dissolution of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the central equatorial Pacific Ocean, we have studied the relationship between three indices of foraminiferal dissolution and the concentration and accumulation of CaCO3, opal, and Corg in Core WEC8803B-GC51 (1.3°N, 133.6°W; 4410 m). This core spans the past 413 kyr of deposition and moved in and out of the lysoclinal transition zone during glacial-interglacial cycles of CaCO3 production and dissolution. The...
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