Strontium and Neodymium isotope composition of sediments from the North Atlantic, supplement to: Revel, Marie; Sinko, J A; Grousset, Francis E; Biscaye, Pierre Eginton (1996): Sr and Nd isotopes as tracers of North Atlantic lithic particles: Paleoclimatic implications. Paleoceanography, 11(1), 95-113

Marie Revel, J A Sinko, Francis E Grousset & Pierre Eginton Biscaye
Sr and Nd isotopic compositions have been measured on the lithic fraction of last climatic cycle sediments from the North Atlantic (~40°N/~60°N), in order to identify the origins of the particles. From the reconstruction of their transport pathways, we deduce the mechanisms that explain their distributions. The main source regions are the Canadian shield (mostly the area of Baffin Bay and western Greenland), the Scandinavian shield, the European region (British Isles and Bay of Biscay),...
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