Sea surface temperature reconstruction for sediment core KNO5103-0029GGC, supplement to: Sikes, Elisabeth L; Keigwin, Lloyd D (1996): A reexamination of northeast Atlantic sea surface temperature and salinity over the last 16 kyr. Paleoceanography, 11(3), 327-342

Elisabeth L Sikes & Lloyd D Keigwin
We present a 15 kyr sea surface temperature (SST) record for a high sedimentation rate core (KNR51-29GGC) from the Feni Drift off of Ireland, based on an organic geochemical technique for paleotemperature estimation, U37 K'. We compare the U37 K' temperature record to planktonic foraminiferal delta18O and foraminiferal assemblage SST estimates from the same sample horizons. U37 K' gives SST estimates of 13°C for the early deglacial and 18°C for the Holocene and Recent, whereas...
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