Fecal pellet ingestion rate and feeding behavior of Oithona similis, Calanus helgolandicus and Pseudocalanus elongatus from the North Sea, supplement to: Iversen, Morten Hvitfeldt; Poulsen, Louise K (2007): Coprorhexy, coprophagy, and coprochaly in the copepods Calanus helgolandicus, Pseudocalanus elongatus, and Oithona similis. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 350, 79-89

Morten Hvitfeldt Iversen & Louise K Poulsen
Studies of fecal pellet flux show that a large percentage of pellets produced in the upper ocean is degraded within the surface waters. It is therefore important to investigate these degradation mechanisms to understand the role of fecal pellets in the oceanic carbon cycle. Degradation of pellets is mainly thought to be caused by coprophagy (ingestion of fecal pellets) by copepods, and especially by the ubiquitous copepods Oithona spp. We examined fecal pellet ingestion rate...
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