Carbonate sedimentation beneath the Carlifornia Current system, supplement to: Gardner, James V; Dean, Walter E; Dartnell, Peter (1997): Biogenic sedimentation beneath the California Current system for the past 30 kyr and its paleoceanographic significance. Paleoceanography, 12(2), 207-226

James V Gardner, Walter E Dean & Peter Dartnell
A north-south transect of 17 cores was constructed along the eastern boundary of the California Current system from 33° to 42°N to investigate the changes in biogenic sedimentation over the past 30 kyr. Percentages and mass accumulation rates of CaCO3, Corg, and biogenic opal were assembled at 500 to 1000 years/sample to provide relatively high resolution. Time-space maps reveal a complex pattern of changes that do not follow a simple glacial-interglacial two-mode model. Biogenic sedimentation...
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