Mineral and chemical compositions of clay sediments from the Pacific Ocean, DSDP data, supplement to: Kurnosov, Victor B (1982): Glinistyye osadki glavnykh strukturnykh elementov okrain Tikhogo okeana (Clayey sediments from major structural elements of Pacific margins). Moscow, Nauka Publ., 224 pp.

Victor B Kurnosov
Mineral and chemical compositions, as well as conditions of formation of clay sediments in major structural elements of the Pacific Ocean floor with different ages are under consideration in the monograph. Depending on evolution of the region two ways of clay sediment formation are identified: terrigenous and authigenic. It is shown that terrigenous clay sediments predominate in marginal parts of the Pacific Ocean. Authigenic mineral formation occurring in the basal part of the sedimentary cover...
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