Nd and Sr isotopic compositions and isotope dilution trace element concentrations from 7 sediment cores along the southeast Greenland margin, supplement to: Verplanck, Emily P; Farmer, G Lang; Andrews, John T; Dunhill, Gita; Millo, Christian (2009): Provenance of Quaternary glacial and glacimarine sediments along the southeast Greenland margin. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 286(1-2), 52-62

Emily P Verplanck, G Lang Farmer, John T Andrews, Gita Dunhill & Christian Millo
The Nd and Sr isotopic compositions of Quaternary glacial and glacimarine siliciclastic sediments deposited along the margin of southeast Greenland were determined to assess the roles of the Greenland, Iceland, and more distal ice sheets in delivering detritus to this portion of the northern North Atlantic. The isotopic compositions of detritus generated by portions of the southern Greenland Ice Sheet were defined through measurements of till and trough mouth fan sediments. Massive diamicts from the...
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