Stable oxygen and carbon isotopic composition of foraminifera and sea water from the Arctic Ocean, supplement to: van Donk, Jan; Mathieu, Guy (1969): Oxygen isotope composition of foraminifera and water samples from the Arctic Ocean. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 74(13), 3396-3407

Jan van Donk & Guy Mathieu
O18/O16 data on a depth profile of water samples from the Arctic Ocean reveal that near surface water is depleted in O18 by about 4 per mil, but water at depths greater than 350 meters reaches near normal open ocean water composition. The O18 profile very closely follows the salinity profile, with deltaO18 changing by about 0.8 per mil per 1 per mil salinity change. The results of deltaO18 measurements on the pelagic species Globigerina...
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