Sedimentology and Th, Pa, U, and N isotopic composition of core MD84-527, supplement to: Francois, Roger; Bacon, Michael P; Altabet, Mark A; Labeyrie, Laurent D (1993): Glacial/interglacial changes in sediment rain rate in the SW Indian sector of subantarctic waters as recorded by 230Th, 231Pa, U and d15N. Paleoceanography, 8(5), 611-629

Roger Francois, Michael P Bacon, Mark A Altabet & Laurent D Labeyrie
High-resolution records of opal, carbonate, and terrigenous fluxes have been obtained from a high-sedimentation rate core (MD84-527: 43°50'S; 51°19'E; 3269 m) by normalization to 230Th. This method estimates paleofluxes to the seafloor on a point-by-point basis and distinguishes changes in sediment accumulation due to variations in vertical rain rates from those due to changes in syndepositional sediment redistribution by bottom currents. We also measured sediment delta15N to evaluate the changes in nitrate utilization in the...
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