Paleotemperature and productivity reconstruction of sediment core D11957P on the Iberian Margin, supplement to: Lebreiro, Susana Martin; Moreno, J C; Abrantes, Fatima F; Pflaumann, Uwe (1997): Productivity and paleoceanographic implications on the Tore Seamount (Iberian Margin) during the last 225 kyr: Foraminiferal evidence. Paleoceanography, 12(5), 718-727

Susana Martin Lebreiro, J C Moreno, Fatima F Abrantes & Uwe Pflaumann
Foraminifera counts and climatic assemblages from the Tore Seamount are used to approach the glacial and interglacial changes in temperature and productivity on the Iberian Margin over the last 225 kyr. Chronostratigraphy is based on Globigerinoides ruber and Globigerina bulloides oxygen isotopes and supported by foraminifera and carbonate stadial fluctuations. Foraminifera indicate cooling from late interglacial stage 5 to the beginning of Termination I (TI). Neogloboquadnna pachyderma-s reflects cold conditions during glacial stages 4-2. In...
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