Radionuclides in the water column at stations near the Antarctic Polar Front in the South Atlantic, supplement to: Rutgers van der Loeff, Michiel M; Berger, Gijs W (1993): Scavenging of 230Th and 231Pa near the antarctic polar front in the South Atlantic. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 40(2), 339-357

Michiel M Rutgers van der Loeff & Gijs W Berger
Vertical profiles of dissolved and particulate 230Th and 231Pa were obtained across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) in the southern Atlantic. North of the Polar Front, dissolved and total 230Th increase with depth in conformity with published scavenging models. There is no depletion of 230Th or 231Pa in the water column south of the Polar Front, thought to be an area of enhanced biological productivity. 230Th concentrations increase three-fold to the Weddell Sea across the...
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