Radionuclides of surface sediments and water samples in the South Atlantic south of the Polar Front, supplement to: Walter, Hans-Jürgen; Rutgers van der Loeff, Michiel M; Hoeltzen, H (1997): Enhanced scavenging of 231Pa relative to 230 Th in the South Atlantic south of the Polar Front: implications for the use of the 231Pa/230Th ratio as a paleoproductivity proxy. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 149(1-4), 85-100

Hans-Jürgen Walter, Michiel M Rutgers van der Loeff & H Hoeltzen
The fractionation of 230Th and 231Pa was investigated throughout the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. Published scavenging models generally assume that the 231Pa/230T ratio of surface sediments is primarily determined by the mass flux of particles. This relationship holds north of the Polar Front, where low primary productivity coincides with ratios of unsupported 231Pa/230Th-xs(231Pa/230Th) - in surface sediments below the production ratio of both radionuclides in the water column. However, we observed high xs231Pa/230Th...
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