High-resolution magnetostratigraphy of sediment cores from the Greenland Sea, supplement to: Nowaczyk, Norbert R (1997): High-resolution mangetostratigraphy of four sediment cores from the Greenland Sea - II. Rock magnetic and relative palaeointensity data. Geophysical Journal International, 131(2), 325-334

Norbert R Nowaczyk
High-resolution magnetostratigraphic analysis of three sediment cores from the base of the volcanic seamount Vesteris Banken in the Greenland Basin and one from the Jan Mayen Fracture Zone revealed records of three pronounced geomagnetic events: the Mono Lake excursion (28-27 ka), the Laschamp event (37-33 ka) and the Biwa I/Jamaica event (189-179 ka). Rock magnetic investigations, measurements of magnetic susceptibility, and ARM and IRM acquisition/demagnetization experiments show that only fine-grained (titano) magnetite (<= 0.5 µm)...
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