Sedimentology of the Rio Grande Rise area, supplement to: Gingele, Franz; Schmieder, Frank; von Dobeneck, Tilo; Petschick, Rainer; Rühlemann, Carsten (1999): Terrigenous flux in the Rio Grande Rise area during the last 1.5 Ma: evidence of deepwater advection or rapid response to continental rainfall patterns. Paleoceanography, 14(1), 84-95

Franz Gingele, Frank Schmieder, Tilo von Dobeneck, Rainer Petschick & Carsten Rühlemann
Surface sediment samples and three gravity cores from the eastern terrace of the Vema Channel, the western flank of the Rio Grande Rise, and the Brazilian continental slope were investigated for physical properties, grain size, and clay mineral composition. Discharge of the Rio Doce is responsible for kaolinite enrichments on the slope south of 20° and at intermediate depths of the Rio Grande Rise. The long-distance advection of kaolinite with North Atlantic Deep Water from...
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